Sweet, sweet nostalgia comes in many forms, but few forms are sweeter than television commercials. Want to relive your misspent youth? Enjoy it by reliving the exact way you misspent your youth: watching television!

Anyway, this 70-second compilation of WTMJ-4 news bumpers from 1995 is a doozy, culled from an obviously much-ballyhooed network broadcast of the original Jurassic Park (dig John Malan wondering if dinosaurs enjoy being cooler by the lake, too). The video has it all: Carole Meekins and Mike Gousha teasing local scare stories, Kevin Hunt teasing a “one-on-one” with Green Bay Packers coach Mike Holmgren, and…an anti-vaccination special report?

“Doctors tell you the benefits of childhood vaccinations,” begins the ominous promo. “Schools tell you they’re required for admission. Tonight’s cover story: what they don’t tell you, about the dangers, and your legal rights. Learn about a possible ‘Dose of Danger,’ tonight, right after Jurassic Park!” Hold on to your butts! [via The TV Madman]

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