Any Milwaukeean worth their salt knows all about that old “Hello Milwaukee” song—a.k.a. that 1977 Channel 12 jingle that went on to inspire dozens of other versions for dozens of other cities. (If not, enjoy it here, and enjoy never getting it out of your head.) But “Hello Milwaukee” wasn’t the only hometown theme song vying for ear-worm dominance back in the day: Behold this HealthReach healthcare commercial from 1984, which features a doozy of a Milwaukee ditty.

“East side / West side / All round the town” chimes the song over footage of Milwaukee County Stadium (R.I.P.), the Great Circus Parade (R.I.P.), and, um, someone welding. Sure, it’s just an ad for a local healthcare service (“Your helping hand to health”), but damn if it isn’t catchy in that ineffable early-’80s kind of way. [via The TV Madman]

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