We’re almost three months into the life of The Hop, Milwaukee’s long-in-the-works and forever-contentious downtown streetcar. And guess what? Things are going well! People are riding the thing, extensions are in the works, and it’s free. But think back to the dark days before The Hop was up and running, back when you had to walk from Cathedral Square Park to two blocks away from Cathedral Square Park, back when Milwaukee was obsessed with one question: WILL THE STREETCAR RUN IN SNOW?!

Turns out, yes. Because of course, yes. Here’s proof:

And here’s more:

How about that. Also, the bus runs in snow, too.

Oh, and here’s a TMJ4 report from 2018, in which meteorologist Brian Gotter ponders how The Hop will hold up against snow, lightning (!), and tornadoes (!!!):