Dear FOX6,

Hi! How are you? Happy Monday! Milwaukee Record here. In case you didn’t know, we’re big fans of your station. Really! Ted Perry is the best, and FOX6 WakeUp is our second-favorite local morning show (behind The Morning Blend, of course). And while we’re a bit too young to have enjoyed your “TV-6 News” days with Carl Zimmerman and that alley cat sock puppet that did the weather, we appreciate your long and storied history. Oh, and speaking of that long and storied history: please, please, please unearth this “Drinking in the ’80s” series from 1984. It looks amazing.

Yes, all we have to go on is this four-second bumper (courtesy of YouTuber The TV Madman), but boy oh boy are we intrigued. What was so special about drinking in the ’80s? What was so special about drinking in Milwaukee in the ’80s? The promo says “starting Monday”—so was this a whole week of drinking in the ’80s? If this was indeed about drinking in the ’80s, why is the beer in the promo Anheuser-Busch’s low-alcohol LA brand (which was eventually replaced by O’Doul’s)? What’s up with the old-timey outfits and music that make it seem like this was shot in the Streets of Old Milwaukee? Why did you put an apostrophe after “80” instead of before it?

So yeah, if you could dig through your old 3/4″ archives and unearth this series and post it to YouTube that would be great. Next drink’s on us if you find it.

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