Bipartisan legislation a positive step forward for gun reform
Statement of Common Council President Cavalier Johnson and Alderman Ashanti Hamilton

We want to applaud the group of bipartisan lawmakers in Madison who introduced a bill last week that would prohibit those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence offenses from owning a gun (it was introduced in the Assembly (AB-321) AND the Senate (SB-317). This is a simple, sensible step forward for gun reform, and would bring Wisconsin in line with federal law.

While this bill is welcome, and we would urge those in Madison to pass it, there is still much to be done on this front. Far too many people who simply shouldn’t have easy access to guns do, and those individuals are endangering our communities. We hope this legislation is the first of many gun reform laws that receive bipartisan support, because this is an issue that impacts communities across ALL of Wisconsin.

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