Full disclosure: We didn’t attend Smashing Pumpkins’ October 30 show at Fiserv Forum. We like Smashing Pumpkins and all, but, we dunno. We saw the band—or, should we say, we saw Billy Corgan and some other folks—back in 2012 at the Riverside. It was fine. “Cherub Rock” ruled, etc.

Still, we read about Smashing Pumpkins’ October 30 show at Fiserv Forum! In a typically thorough and entertaining review, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel music writer Piet Levy detailed the ins and outs of the near-capacity show, chastised opener Jane’s Addiction for a gross Dahmer joke, and included this tantalizing takeaway:

In between a couple of songs in the first half of the set, and even in the middle of one of them, Corgan strolled over far stage right to eat something. It was hard to tell what it was from my seat, but a guy near me quipped it was crab rangoon.

Incredible. Even more incredible: THERE’S VIDEO PROOF! BEHOLD:

Also, it’s hilarious that Corgan did this during a Jimmy Chamberlin drum solo.

So what, exactly, was Corgan snacking on? Chips and dip, as the video suggests? Crab rangoon, as theorized by the quipping concertgoer? “Cherub Guac” or a “Bullet With Buffalo Wings,” as some folks on Reddit have posited? We’ll say, oh, we dunno, Melon Slices And infinite Salsa? With Mayonaise? Sure. Good enough!

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