After an astounding five releases in 2015 and recently pulling off the inaugural Tasty Fest without a hitch, The Rashita Joneses have earned a break. Instead of easing off, though, the Milwaukee garage rock trio is continuing to churn out new material at an admirable rate. On July 1, the band’s already-substantial catalog of releases grew by one with a “double-single” for “Wide Eyes” and “Alien Ocean.”

Since the physical release—an eight-inch lathe-cut—is only available at shows, The Rashita Joneses also wanted to extend their new pair of songs into the visual format with an 10-minute music video that’s rife with inflatable aliens, makeshift cop costumes, and gallons of fake blood.

The grimy DIY video was shot by Carter Green and Joe Grabo in parts of Riverwest, Pewaukee Beach, and in downtown Waukesha. The performance footage was shot at Quarters. The run-and-gun video is on par with the other delightfully depraved videos we’ve come to expect from The Rashita Joneses during the band’s short-but-active history. If you have 10-plus-minutes to spare today, do yourself a favor and check out the two-part “Wide Eyes/Alien Ocean” video.

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