Last month, we unveiled the incredible and genre-jumping collection of more than 100 Milwaukee bands, rappers, DJs, and visual artists that compose the lineup of the second annual Arte Para Todos. By now, you’ve hopefully purchased your day- or weekend-long passes and mapped out what acts you intend to see during the daunting 25-show benefit for Milwaukee art programs. However, if you still haven’t settled on who to see, or if you’re simply in need of some tunes to hold you over until Arte’s April 21-24 return, you’re in luck.

Today marks the release of Arte Para Todos’ 2016 Festival Compilation, a 29-track traversing of the benefit’s eclectic and high-quality cast of performers. The comp—released by Gloss Records— includes 23 original songs from such 2016 Arte acts as The Fatty Acids, Lorde Fredd33, Soul Low, Tigernite, Queen Tut, Midnight Reruns, Lex Allen, NO/NO, Sat. Nite Duets, Foreign Goods, Ruth B8r Ginsburg, Fox Face, and more. Keeping the project’s focus in mind, the release also includes interview clips from three of the festival’s organizers and past Arte performers Christopher Porterfield, Milo, and Q The Sun (New Age Narcissism’s Kiran Vee) in which they describe the invaluable role art plays in youth and development.

Stream the entire 2016 Festival Compilation below, and if—no, WHEN—you like what you hear, consider donating to Arte Para Todos in the form of a $5 digital download or $10 cassette purchase (which includes a digital download). All proceeds will be applied to the festival fundraising total.

To further the philanthropy even more, Arte Para Todos has also announced a poster series that will be displayed at Company Brewing throughout the festival. Local artists (25 in all) each designed a limited edition poster for one of the festival’s shows, which can be purchased during the event. Kpolly, Rachel Hughes, Marielle Allschwang, Adam Radford, co-organizer Johanna Rose, and Mikal Floyd-Pruitt (whose contribution is below) donated their time and talent to the project.

Arte Para Todos Poster_Mikal Floyd-Pruitt

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