There are long-distance collaborations, and then there are really long-distance collaborations. Take Milwaukee musician Alec Grefe (a.k.a. Astronaut Husband) and Madrid, Spain musician Ana Regatero (a.k.a. Blue Boredom). After first connecting on Instagram, the two far-flung artists began a virtual collaboration, working together on songs for their respective solo projects. The process paid off, and work soon began on a full collaborative album. The year-in-the-making result is Moon Songs, a 16-track collection of melancholy bedroom folk and dreamy acoustic whisperings. It’s wonderful.

The record comes complete with two videos. One for the delicate “Sink”…

…and the other for the nostalgic “Life And Death.” Grab some tissues if you’re susceptible to heartbreakingly sweet home movies.

“We’re hoping that one day we can meet IRL and play some shows,” say Grefe and Regatero. “That would be righteous.”

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