Are you lost? Aimless? Is your life devoid of meaning and purpose? Are you currently trying to track down the location of a gig from your new favorite band, with only a cassette tape and a crumpled show flyer to guide you? If you answered YES to any of these questions (okay, maybe just the last one), have we got a video for you.

Enter the new video for The Directionals‘ “Sing For Sakes.” In it, an aimless protagonist finds sudden inspiration when he discovers A.) a cassette copy of “Sing For Sakes,” and B.) a show flyer for The Directionals’ gig at Rush-Mor Records. Will he make the show in time? Will he survive the attacks of a slobbering dog, a shin-kicking kid, and an irate fisherman? Will he (and you) enjoy the band’s driving, Strokes-y sound? Watch the Michael Viers-directed clip to find out:

The Directionals (Mark Poe and Bob Schaab) formed in 2011. They previously released a 17-minute performance video for a song called “Vashta Nerada.” The ear-wormy “Sing For Sakes,” meanwhile, will appear on an upcoming release.

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Settle in and enjoy The Directionals’ new 17-minute song/video, “Vashta Nerada”

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