In addition to being a downright great band, Diet Lite has a keen sense of humor and a knack for releasing music videos that are equal parts unique and hilarious. Last November, the Milwaukee garage rock trio treated viewers to a fun, no-budget video for its song “Man Ray” that earned mention on our Favorite Milwaukee Music Videos Of 2021 list. Almost a year later, Diet Lite is back with a full-fledged short film that finds the band at its funniest and most focused yet.

Inspired by the real-life theft of their musical instruments and equipment (with some exaggerated, fictionalized, and satirical aspects thrown in), The God Damn City features the Diet Lite guys embarking on a mission to locate their stolen gear. With the “help” of some private investigators—one of whom is played masterfully by local promoter and Breaking & Entering writer Ben Slowey—the band takes to the streets to find their instruments, and they learn some valueable lessons about themselves in the process.

The 16-minute short is one part gritty ’70s cop drama, another part Tim & Eric sketch, yet another part Milwaukee-made music video, and 100 percent outstanding. Do yourself a favor and watch Diet Lite’s The God Damn City below.

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