Directly inspired by Jay Z’s “Girls” (down to the presence of a sample) and “the girls of [their] past,” veteran Milwaukee rappers Dana Coppa (or Dana Coppafeel) and SPEAK Easy pool their adolescent romantic histories together, along with the production prowess of WhiteRussian and Mammyth for a laid back Uni-Fi Records single, “Golden Girls.”

The song finds the duo reaching deep into their spank banks to withdraw memories of early hook-ups with such memorable ladies as a woman named Jenny who used buy Coppa weed, a “stripper chick” who was eight years Coppa’s senior, and an Asian girl who “messed with a homie named [redacted]” before him. SPEAK counters with a remembrance of a half-Jamaican and half-Korean girl named Maria, a researcher who specialized in microbiology stopping by in only a lab coat, and a church girl named Rebecca. In a backwards, rap-about-nipple-play sort of way, it’s a lighthearted ode to the women they encountered during their search for Mrs. Right.

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