Milwaukee’s once great Northridge Mall closed in 2003. For the next 15 years or so, Northridge stood as a mostly intact ghost mall. In the past five or six years, however, thanks to near-constant break-ins, vandals, looters, arsonists, YouTubers, and even professional skateboarders, the former mall looks like it’s been bombed.

And now it’s finally—finally!—going to be razed. In December 2023, Gov. Tony Evers awarded the City of Milwaukee $15 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to redevelop the 58-acre Northridge site. Soon after, Milwaukee gained full control of the site from China-based U.S. Black Spruce Enterprise Group Inc. via property tax foreclosure. The old Boston Store section of the former mall was quickly razed. Earlier this month, demolition company Viet was announced as the apparent low bidder ($10,682,306.85) to take down the rest of the mall. Asbestos abatement, hazardous materials removal, and interior cleanup is expected to begin this summer, and last roughly 4-6 months. Actual demolition of the remaining building is set to begin in fall/winter 2024, and last until summer 2025. According to the city, final work and “getting the site ready for ground up development” is set for fall 2025. (No one knows what’s going to occupy the site in the future, but you can make suggestions HERE.)

Wanna take a look at the super trashed inside of Northridge before it’s torn down? Of course you do. We tagged along on a media tour Monday morning to bring you these photos and video. “Let’s Go To The Mall!!!” indeed.

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