Who Said It Best (And Worst) rounds up the week’s best and worst quotes from notable Milwaukee figures and folks-about-town.

Milwaukee Department of City Development Commissioner Rocky Marcoux, on the city subsidizing the rest of the state, and Mayor Barrett’s efforts to communicate that fact [OnMilwaukee]:

“We are the economic center, certainly of the city itself and the immediate Milwaukee County, but also the seven counties of southeastern Wisconsin. There’s a tremendous amount of total volume of goods and services generated in the state that come through this area. Either they’re made here, or they’re processed here, or somehow change hands here. Obviously we have great wealth of jobs throughout the state.

“I think for us it’s getting the rest of the state to understand we’re in this together. The Wisconsin idea is we’ve always been about being in this together. We’ve always had this dichotomy, if you will, of a rural economy as well as a urban economy, but it always blended well. We’ve had the best of both worlds, and we still can do that, but I think we have to have a more thoughtful analysis of where those funds are going to be spent to have the maximum impact on the state. A dollar spent here is generally going to return more than a dollar to the state, and I think that’s what the mayor was getting at.

“It’s a good point, and hopefully folks will take a look at that and not just pan it and say, ‘Oh, that’s Tom Barrett, and it’s Milwaukee,’ and really say, ‘Hey, this is a thoughtful analysis. It bears reading it and trying to understand.'”

Twitter user Sheriff David Clarke, on kissing a horse on Valentine’s Day [Twitter]: