Roundabouts should be an easy thing to figure out.

Slow down as you approach, yield if someone is coming, proceed at a reasonable speed when it’s your time to merge, exit the roundabout. Sadly, it isn’t always that simple. Whether it’s the result of careless/impaired driving, inexperience with the type of intersection, unfavorable weather conditions, or any number of other factors, it seems as if lots of people have trouble navigating roundabouts.

At best, these instances of operator error are mildly annoying to other motorists. Other times, roundabout miscues result in damage to automobiles and public property. This week, we learned there’s a YouTube account that features astounding footage of the latter. Since April 2021, “Milwaukee Roundabout” has posted videos that “document the drama and chaos” of the roundabout situated at the intersections of S. 6th Street, W. Virginia Street, and Florida Street in Walker’s Point.

Evidently, this particular roundabout is especially troubling to some Milwaukee motorists. In a span of less than six months, the account has already posted over 40 videos of incidents that have occurred at the intersection. Footage ranges from…

Wheel-removing crashes.

A car that goes airborne and starts on fire.

A police chase that would make Benny Hill proud.

Two cars taking the corner too fast and crashing within minutes of each other.

A van plowing through the median.

An early morning fender bender.

There are many more. To be clear, we’re not celebrating these accidents or cheering on the destruction whatsoever. In fact, we hope Milwaukee Roundabout runs of material to post because people watch these videos, then take extra precautions to keep themselves and other safe on this (and all) roundabouts after seeing what’s capable of happening.

However, we’ve driven in the city (and in this roundabout) a lot through the years, so we have a sneaking suspicion this account will be active for a long time to come. Drive safe, buckle up, look out for one another, Milwaukee.

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