If you haven’t listened to The Trap Set yet, you’re really missing out. The weekly show hosted by former Milwaukeean and Akarso drummer Joe Wong calls itself “the world’s most popular podcast and terrestrial radio show about the lives of drummers,” and has proved as much in its 95-episode (and counting) run with immensely interesting and intensely personal discussions with musicians who have kept time for renowned acts like Fugazi, The Cure, Sunny Day Real Estate, Pearl Jam, The Ramones, The Police, OFF!, James Brown, Johnny Cash, The Jesus Lizard, Dead Kennedys, Beyoncé, Braid, and more, along with rhythmically-inclined actors Fred Armisen and Reggie Watts coming by to talk as well.

Though the podcast—which also airs on WMSE each week—is typically a one-on-one chat, Wong occasionally breaks format with special live shows. Past public recordings have been held in Portland and Wong’s current home base, Los Angeles. Saturday, November 26, Wong and four of Milwaukee’s best and most legendary drummers will take the stage at the Prospect Avenue Colectivo’s Back Room performance space for an extra special episode of The Trap Set Live.

The WMSE- and Colectivo-sponsored event will feature the host discussing percussion and personal matters with Victor DeLorenzo (Violent Femmes, Nineteen Thirteen), Dan Didier (The Promise Ring, Maritime), Shane Hochstetler (Bad Grades, Zebras, Call Me Lightning), and Jon Mueller (Volcano Choir, Death Blues). Tickets to the 8 p.m. show cost $7 and are on sale now.

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