At the end of May, Fable & The World Flat’s Matthew Gorski moved to Los Angeles. Though the drummer’s departure certainly limits the sleek synth-rock project’s ability to play live, Gorski told us he and longtime collaborator Steven Look—whom also played with Gorski in early-aughts indie rock band The Meteah Strike—would continue to write and record new Fable material remotely. Within two weeks of his move, Goski has come through on his promise to keep releasing new music…kind of.

Fable & The World Flat released an effects-slathered remix version of the song “Everybody Into The Pool” by Boston-based Sinnet. The Beantown band features former Milwaukeeans Michael Stewart (Fable’s original drummer, whose relocation forced Gorski to move from guitar to drums) and Aaron Spransy (ex-Those Royals, Sleeptight Co, Radio Tokyo).

“Sinnet heard our San Fermin remix and hit us up with the stems of their EP,” Goski says. “We chose this particular song because we like swimming pools.”

Goski also says the band is working on a new EP, which he and Look hope to finish up by the end of the summer. Until then, Milwaukee audiences can see Look’s solo project at Club Garibaldi on July 11.

Had it been released a few months later, Fable & The World Flat’s near-flawless 2009 album Ladies & Gentleman would have earned a lofty spot on our best albums of the 2010s (so far) list. Last year, the band put out two solid full-lengths. Even if we can’t see the band live as often as we’d like, and we must now share ownership with L.A., we’re thrilled to see that Fable is still putting out new songs—even if they’re by other people.

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