Who Said It Best (And Worst) is a new feature that rounds up the best and worst quotes of the week from notable Milwaukee figures, pundits, and folks-about-town.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist James E. Causey, on combating the city’s recent rash of violence:

“If 50 students at Marquette University got the whooping cough, what would happen? I think I know what would happen. The school would shut down and health professionals would swarm the area to locate the source, quarantine the problem, care for those who have been exposed and follow up to make sure the disease didn’t spread.

“If ‘black lives matter,’ the same approach should be taken to arrest this deadly outbreak.”

A sane, well-reasoned argument for why “just enough” is no longer enough.

Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander, on repeatedly calling Hillary Clinton “Ovary”:

“When I refer to Ovary’s campaign—I am not addressing Mrs. Clinton as first lady or senator or mother or dog owner—I am nicknaming her as a presidential candidate. I am not reducing her to a womanly body part; she did that herself by making gender the campaign’s only message.”

Fun fact: Deanna Alexander is an adult human being living in the year 2015.