Recording a Daytrotter session isn’t quite the breath of rarefied air it used to be, but it’s always cool when a Milwaukee band gets the honor of schlepping to Rock Island, Illinois to lay down some songs that will be streamed alongside [insert the names of every incredibly popular and/or unknown indie rock band you like] on the popular website. Myles Coyne & The Rusty Nickel Band is the latest local act to score such a session, joining such vaunted Milwaukee outfits as Maritime, Juniper Tar, Twin Brother, Midnight Reruns, Surgeons In Heat, The Fatty Acids, Kiings, The Delphines, Field Report, Hugh Bob And The Hustle, and Juiceboxx, among others.

The session, which Coyne and company recorded April 25, features four tracks of affable Americana. Besides “Empire” (a certified Sound Of Young Milwaukee), all of the songs are previously unreleased. As always, Daytrotter membership or signing up for a three-day trial is required to stream the session. With the growing backlog of Brew City bands dropping by Daytrotter, membership is totally worth it—especially considering none of Myles’ 17 other projects have done one yet.