Though we’re quick to joke about ever-occupied Myles Coyne and his 600 bands, it’s not really that much of an exaggeration. As the Riverwest troubadour, label owner, avid promoter, festival co-creator, and member (or in-studio contributor) of no fewer than six bands at the moment prepares to slam the book shut on yet another busy year of touring, recording, and playing more than 100 shows, Milwaukee Record got Coyne to hold still long enough to look back at his 2014, look ahead at his 2015, say goodbye to a frequent collaborator, and talk about his month-long residency at Boone & Crockett in January.

Milwaukee Record: What are some highlights of your year? Did you have any especially unique experiences?

Myles Coyne: I recently did some bass work on a recording session for Brett Newski. I love Brett, and it’s always great to hang in between his relentless touring. He also managed to get Victor DeLorenzo from the Violet Femmes to produce the session, which was great. I have never worked on a record that had a legit producer before. It was really eye-opening to make a record with that kind of input. I learned a lot.

MR: Tonight is your last show with Jordan Maye for the foreseeable future. What’s she like to play with, and what will you miss about her most when she moves?

MC: It’s very easy. Jordan can pick up stuff pretty quick. She tends to make whatever she is a part of her own. I will miss a lot of the music stuff, but that’s whatever. I’ll mainly miss one of my best friends.

MR: I see US Male is playing a reunion show on New Year’s Eve. What prompted that? Is it just a one-time thing, or can we expect more performances?

MC: US Male is the best. US Male for life! Actually, we got back together because we missed our guitar player, Justin Zander. He moved out of town last year and it was a major bummer. It’s also New Years. Plus, we’ve always been looking for a reason to get our shit together. It’s definitely not a one-time show. We are finally releasing our older EP on cassette tape next year, and will do a few baller shows for the Sagan-core kids out there.

MR: It seems like you’ll be starting 2015 strong with a Boone & Crockett January residency. How did that come about? Did you approach them or did they reach out to you?

MC: I approached them. I love the bar and the peeps that run the joint. The idea to do a sling of shows like this had been on my mind for a while now. I’ve seen a lot bands try it out, like Mutts and Hayward Williams, so I figured, “Man, I gotta get on this!” I wanted to challenge myself with trying not to play the same show every week, so that will be hard. I also wanted to play with all of my friends’ bands in a different setting. I figured I would sneak all of them in there one month before I focus on recording and my other projects. There is also the hope that I can hype myself enough so some new people come out to the shows to check out my act. I live on an island in Riverwest and need to explore the city and build a larger audience.

MR: What went into selecting the bands that will join you?

MC: They each bring a variety of the city’s best talent and an array of great people. I just wanted to put together bills  that make people think, “Wow, that was fucking awesome. Sick lineup.” Also, I’m just playing solo. So if people think I suck, these bands will probably save the energy of the night.

MR: Tell me about the Breadking holiday cassette. It features Christopher Porterfield and Hello Death, right?

MC: It’s mainly a split between the two artists. I’m not going to say much aside from the fact that it’s amazing. It may be the most dramatic X-mas music ever made.

MR: Beyond the busy January with the tape and residency, what are some of your plans and musical aspirations for the rest of 2015?

MC: I just want to make an amazing album. Good songs, nothing else. Deal with it. If I can’t do that, I’ve really gotta make a new game plan here.

MR: What about non-solo or US Male stuff? What’s happening with your other projects?

MC: Animals In Human Attire is playing Turner Hall January 21st. I can’t believe we got asked to play. It’s so rad. We’re opening up for the national band, The Soil And The Sun. It’s gonna be nuts. I am also working with King Courteen to help him get a few recordings out there. If you haven’t heard this guy yet, you are missing out. I suggest you get on YouTube immediately and check out his stuff. Temple has a new seven-inch coming out in the spring as well. I’m really proud of what we’ve worked on for the release. I could go on about band stuff forever, but I’ll probably end up spending an equal amount of time hanging out with my special lady and my three-legged cat.

Myles Coyne headlines a bill at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn tonight, which also features Donovan The Shark, Jay Joslyn, and Caley Conway. The show begins at 9 p.m. and costs $6 at the door. Full details of Coyne’s Boone & Crockett residency can be found here.