Started by Riverwest troubadour and Breadking Collective co-founder Myles Coyne in 2013, Breadfest was the epitome of a DIY music festival. The undertaking was originally started as a way to give local bands that were snubbed by Summerfest a place to play when the Big Gig was doing its thing. After the inaugural year, it moved to late July and early August in 2014 and 2015.

Citing the growing number of local festivals, as well as his “swamped” summer playing in his primary project, Mouse Corn, along with Ladders, Brett Newski, and Hayward Williams last year, Coyne first decided to move last year’s Breadfest to fall, before eventually cancelling it altogether. However, Coyne’s focus has returned to his own band and his festival ambitions have been restored.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of other cool DIY festivals being set up over the last two years, like Gloss Weekend and Tasty Tapes,” Coyne says. “It’s amazing to now see other communities and labels trying to build onto the music scene. It really inspired me to bring the fest back for another year.”

Unlike those micro-festivals, Coyne enlisted a disparate grouping of bands and solo performers to fill out his lineup. From August 17-19, a total of 13 acts will play Breadfest IV. Single show tickets are $7 at the door and weekend passes run $15.

This year’s edition has been dubbed “Weekend At Linneman’s” to reflect the singular site for the three-night affair. “I hold a special place for the venue and its owner, Jim, in my heart,” Coyne says. “Rather then have a million shows to pick from on one day, we decided to focus on just having one big show to look into.”

Here’s who’s playing Breadfest’s return.

Thursday, August 17
Action Jelly
Scarecrow Dave
The Meatcurtains

Friday, August 18
The Fatty Acids
Mouse Corn

Saturday, August 19
Faux Fiction
Liam O’Brien’s Faithless Followers
Lady Cannon (solo)

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