Doesn’t it seem like Breadfest has been around forever? Though the concept of an eclectic cluster of local and regional acts taking to an abundance of bars and clubs in Riverwest in mid-to-late summer seems so natural, the DIY event has but two years beneath its belt. In that short span, the festival started by Breadking Collective founder Myles Coyne and his musical cohorts has become a favorite for fans of Milwaukee-made music. Following last year’s Breadfest—the biggest and best yet—Coyne wanted to condense this year’s edition to a still very impressive nine shows at eight venues, featuring 35 acts over the course of five late-July and early-August nights.

“This year I wanted to have have a lot [of bands], so there’s only two shows a day,” Coyne says. “It’s more love and effort into each show individually instead of being scattered.”

Breadfest will unofficially kick off with a free show at Foundation Tiki Bar on Wednesday, July 29 before getting into full swing with shows at Circle-A Café, Linneman’s Riverwest Inn, Cocoon Room, Riverwest Public House, People’s Books, Mad Planet, and Company Brewing. The People’s and Cocoon Room shows will be all-ages.

Having exhausted himself last year, Coyne was happy to rely on some Breadking Collective counterparts to help book this year’s lineup.

“Al [Kraemer] has always been someone that’s been there since the beginning, and same with Vic [Buell IV] from Calliope, and Eliot [Sell],” Coyne says. “It’s nice to have a staff of Breadking people who have the same idea who are working on what we want to do. That’s great.”

Together, they assembled a varied group of local favorites like Maritime, The Midwest Beat, The Fatty Acids, The Midwestern Charm, Lex Allen, NO/NO, and Rio Turbo, as well as some exciting out-of-towners like Mutts, Island Of Misfit Toys, and Ringo Deathstarr. Single-show tickets are either free or range between $5 and $7. Weekend-long passes are $30. Check out the full lineup below.


Foundation Tiki Bar (Unofficial Kickoff Party)
The Duckman + King Eye & The Squirts
9 p.m. – CL
(21+, Free)


Circle-A Café
The Midwest Beat + Migo
8 p.m. – 10 p.m.
(21+, $5)

Linneman’s Riverwest Inn
The Fatty Acids (Leftover Monsterface cassette release) + Mutts, The Midwestern Charm, and Rio Turbo
10 p.m. – CL
(21+, $7)


Cocoon Room
Ylla, Estates + Ladders, Live Tetherball Tonight, and Work
6 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
(All-ages, $5)

Riverwest Public House
Maritime + Ringo Deathstarr, Brief Candles, and Sin Bad
10 p.m. – CL
(21+, $7)


Bandsketball Semi-Finals and Finals at 2798 N Pierce St.
(All-ages, Free)

People’s Books Co-op
King Courteen + Brett Newski, The Island of Misfit Toys, Caley Conway, Nude Human, and Ash
2 p.m. – 7 p.m.
(All-ages, $5)

Mad Planet
Lex Allen + Dream Attics, NO/NO, and Myles Coyne (with full band)
9 p.m. – CL
(21+, $7)


Company Brewing
Ugly Brothers + Jordin Bass, and Jack Tell
9. p.m – CL
(21+, Free)

Linneman’s Riverwest Inn
Shoot Down The Moon + Lee Gallagher And The Hallelujas (with Mad Alchemist), Maness Brothers, and Calliope
9 p.m. – CL
(21+, $7)