The name Jack Tell is no stranger to Milwaukee Record’s music section. The Animals In Human Attire and Lousy Trouts frontman continually plays out in town. The multi-instrumentalist is also quick to lend banjo and guitar parts or backing vocals to live performances by Ugly Brothers and his Breadking collective counterpart Myles Coyne. He’s also had an illustration grace our site.

Friday night, both of Tell’s artistic mediums will converge, as the Riverwest musician will release eight songs worth of stripped-down folk on his solo album (which is, appropriately, named Solo) at an art gallery for $5, which will go towards his Kickstarter campaign to make t-shirts and posters out of his illustrations. With four days remaining, it’s more than $600 light. You can listen to three Solo songs now, only at Milwaukee Record. If the trio of tracks is any indication, Tell is at his most straightforward and exposed in the self-recorded effort. The three songs—“Letting Go In The New Year,” “All There Is,” and “Few Are 2”—find the versatile Tell roving from guitar, bass, piano, and bongos, while adding his own multilayered harmonies to the delicate mixture that lands in the sweet spot between the rigid singer-songwriter tag and his carefree folk roots.

Jack Tell will release Solo during a Friday, January 9 show at Var Gallery & Studios. Myles Coyne and Michael Gerlach will play in support. The show begins at 8 p.m. and costs $5.

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