Trapper Schoepp‘s new Rangers & Valentines is the kind of big, bold, brassy album that practically begs to be played at porch parties nationwide. (It would have made our “22 Milwaukee summer songs” Tracklist if not for that whole “not on Soundcloud” thing.) So it comes as no surprise that the latest video from the album, “Settlin’ Or Sleepin’ Around,” prominently features a porch party, complete with loads of attractive young people, beer pong, solo cups, a dog, watermelon, a dog eating watermelon, and veteran character actor Richard Riehle. You know, the “Jump To Conclusions” guy from Office Space.

Yes, the Menomonee Falls native kicks it with Trapper and friends in the Caroline Jaecks-directed clip, making a fun and summer-y video (dig the Brett Favre football and cheesehead at the garage sale) even more fun and summer-y. Watch it below and jump to your own conclusions.

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