There are Milwaukee albums that arrive after months of anticipation (Space Raft, the upcoming Canopies), and there are Milwaukee albums that just show up on your doorstep, unannounced but thoroughly welcome (Sin Bad). Chalk the self-titled debut from Brat Sounds up in the latter category. It’s a self-assured, instantly memorable collection of songs that acts like a flip-book of the history of post-punk and indie-rock. A little Television here, a little Here Come The Warm Jets there, etc. Oh, and did we mention the band’s name is “Brat Sounds”?

Not that Brat Sounds comes completely unannounced: written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Scott Cary, the album represents a new chapter for Cary’s soon-to-be old band, Dinny Bulca. According to the multi-threat frontman, the three-piece Dinny Bulca will soon be absorbed into a five-piece version of Brat Sounds—a five-piece that is still looking for a drummer and a guitar player. So take a bite of the excellent debut below, and if you like what you hear (and happen to be a drummer or a guitarist), drop Cary and company a line. You, too, could be part of a band called “Brat Sounds.”

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