The Celebrated Workingman was always one of Milwaukee’s finest bands, releasing two terrific full-lengths (2008’s Herald The Dickens and 2011’s Content Content) before finally calling it quits last year. Highlighted by the outsized voice of Mark Waldoch, the group was a mainstay at clubs, summer festivals, and just about any bar with a P.A. Sadly, the group’s disbandment put an end to all that. There would be no more new music from The Celebrated Workingman.

Anyway, here’s some new music from The Celebrated Workingman. The group stealthily released a brand-new record entitled Don’t Let Your Memories Kill You on its Bandcamp page yesterday. (The band is now billed as “Mark Waldoch’s Celebrated Workingman.”) According to a Facebook post, the group is even considering reuniting for a one-off show this summer. Go figure! And enjoy!

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