Milwaukee, as you may have heard, is the “City of Festivals.” It doesn’t take that title lightly. Between June and August the city is absolutely stuffed with events bearing the “fest” suffix, from big-time shindigs like Summerfest and the State Fair to smaller happenings like Locust Street Festival and the Burnhearts/Pabst Street Party. So why not add one more to the already overstuffed summer schedule?

Enter Synth Fest MKE. The inaugural celebration of all things good and synthesized in Milwaukee music is scheduled for July 23-24, with ridiculously stacked shows at Acme Records and Cactus Club. Electro favorites like adoptahighway and BTS.WRKNG are scheduled to perform, along with newer acts like Liquid City Motors and Stumblesome. Hell, even the always-awesome Jon Mueller is on the bill.

The Acme shows are free, though donations are suggested. Tickets for the Cactus Club shows are $7 individually, and $12 for both nights. Check out the full lineup below.


Acme Records (1-6 p.m)
Sample And Fold
August Traeger
Dead Pawn
Dan of Earth
Ruined Costume
Curtis Chip
Hot Science

Cactus Club (9 p.m.-1 a.m.)
Jon Mueller + Jim Schoenecker
Black Lines, Din Sky


Acme Records (1-6 p.m.)
Stray Voltage
Kendra Amalie
Olivia Valenza
Greg Surges
Pete Speer
Kevin Schlei
Apollo Vermouth
Randal Bravery + Emmanual Fade
Forest Management

Cactus Club (9 p.m.-1 a.m.)
Nicholas Elert
Liquid City Motors
Sam Armus
Thomas Wincek

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Matt Wild
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In his spare time, Matt Wild enjoys collecting 8-bit Nintendo games (emulation is for creeps) and fondly remembering the time Milwaukee weatherman Vince Condella caused a stir at his Catholic grade school by showing up with an earring. He lives on Milwaukee's East Side.