February 7, 2018 @ 8:00 pm
The Tonic Tavern
2335 S Kinnickinnic Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207

Back in December, Twin Brother announced it was no more. Fortunately, the sudden end of the band didn’t last long, as singer/primary songwriter/founding member Sean Raasch decided he wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to the name and the project he’d put the better part of a decade into building. Rather than revert back to a trio or work to fill personnel gaps in the band that had ballooned to six members for last year’s Alone In Austin EP, Raasch decided the best way to do Twin Brother was to do it himself.

In the wake of the internal changes, Raasch bought recording equipment, taught himself to mix and master through online tutorials, and completed all seven songs for a new album—writing the material as he recorded it—in a span of just two weeks. The final product, Rightfully So, is a batch of seven homespun recordings that are wrought with bare emotion and deconstructed instrumentation.