Janeane Garofalo was once asked for advice on making it in show business. “Meet Ben Stiller at the deli,” she replied. (Garofalo and Stiller met at L.A.’s Canter’s Deli in 1990; Garofalo would soon appear on The Ben Stiller Show.) She may as well have said “Be Janeane Garofalo.” The comedian and actress has been a beloved (and occasionally controversial) presence in pop culture for more than two decades, appearing in everything from Reality Bites and Wet Hot American Summer to The Larry Sanders Show and The West Wing. Add to that her status as a disaffected alt-hero of the ’90s, her stint on Air America Radio in the ’00s, and her undeniable influence on today’s comedy scene, and you have the makings of a legend. Plus, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.

Now, for the first time, Garofalo will bring her stand-up to Milwaukee, performing at Turner Hall Tuesday, April 28. General admission tickets are $25, and go on sale Friday, February 20 at noon.

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