Leon’s Frozen Custard, long a symbol of Milwaukee’s old-fashioned American Happy Days charm, is currently is some old-fashioned American hot water. It seems that old-fashioned American and Leon’s owner Ron Schneider has instituted a rule that prevents Leon’s employees from speaking to customers in Spanish. Schneider claims the policy is simply meant to speed up the ordering process at the oft-busy custard joint, and any claims of old-fashioned American racism and discrimination are old-fashioned American bullshit. Still, this old-fashioned American “English-only” policy has quickly lit the Internet abuzz, with groups calling for a federal investigation into Leon’s old-fashioned American way of doing business, and many on social media calling for an old-fashioned American boycott.

But buried in the ever-growing mountain of bad press (and cringe-inducing words of support) is a hilariously defiant quote from Schneider that takes the old-fashioned American cake…er, custard. Per WISN:

“Let me tell you something. My wife is Hispanic. My children are Hispanic. Anyone that wants to call me racist on that basis, maybe we should settle it the old-fashioned American way, in the alley.”

Schneider’s call for an old-fashioned American alley brawl has yet to be answered, as everyone is busy eating at Kopp’s.

UPDATE: Okay, show’s over. The “English-only” policy has been dropped.

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