Today marks the glorious first day of the 2015 Wisconsin State Fair. From August 6-16, thousands upon thousands of proud Wisconsinites will flock to the State Fair Grounds in West Allis to take in the sights, the sounds, and the calories the fest has to offer. Want to watch a bodybuilding competition? The State Fair has you covered. Want to catch Boston, Sugar Ray, Kenny Rogers, and those two guys from The Turtles live on stage? The State Fair has your back. Want to throw caution to the wind and eat some butter-dipped butter on a deep-fried pile of butter-dipped kangaroo meat or whatever? You know the drill.

Oh, but there are other pleasures to be found at the State Fair, including the pig races. Yes, we’ve always been partial to the annual running of the little porkers, partly because it’s kind of funny, and partly because those nearby lady lumberjack demonstrations always fill up hours in advance. So to celebrate the inaugural day of this year’s fair, let’s look back on 10 years of pig racing videos, and rejoice.











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