The weather. The festivals. The drinking. Yes, summer is almost here, Milwaukee. Finally. After yet another 8,000-year stretch of winter, it’s time to pack away the turtleneck sweaters, bust out the jorts, and cram as much fun into roughly four months as humanly possible. And hey! We’ll be detailing much of that fun in the next few days for our annual Summer Preview Week. Want a monster list of Milwaukee summer festivals? We have that! Looking for a rundown of Milwaukee custard joints? That’s Tuesday. How about Milwaukee summer shows that aren’t festival-related? Wednesday. You want patios? Oh, you’ll see some patios. You get the idea.

But for now, let’s ease into things by watching some videos of people tailgating and getting really, really hammered. Twerking, pressurized beer bongs, and real-life games of Hungry Hungry Hippos may be involved. Here we go again, Milwaukee.

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Matt Wild
Co-Founder and Editor

In his spare time, Matt Wild enjoys collecting 8-bit Nintendo games (emulation is for creeps) and fondly remembering the time Milwaukee weatherman Vince Condella caused a stir at his Catholic grade school by showing up with an earring. He lives on Milwaukee's East Side.