Milwaukee Record presents ‘Dead Alive’ @ Avalon Theater
Oct 17 @ 7:00 pm
Milwaukee Record presents 'Dead Alive' @ Avalon Theater | Milwaukee | Wisconsin | United States

Do you like movies with goofy, over-the-top gore? Do you like movies with lots of goofy, over-the-top gore? Do you like movies with tons of goofy, over-the-top gore? Then you’re in luck, because on Wednesday, October 17, at Avalon Theater, we’re screening Peter Jackson’s 1992 comedy horror classic Dead Alive (a.k.a. Braindead). Tickets to the 7 p.m. show are $5. Kick ass for the Lord and buy yours here.

Roughly a decade before Jackson would helm the landmark Lord Of The Rings trilogy, the New Zealand filmmaker was gleefully shocking audiences with his tale of star-crossed lovers, rabid rat-monkeys, unquenchable zombies, some series mother-son issues, ass-kicking priests (“Stand back boy! This calls for divine intervention!”), and enough practical gore effects to make the Evil Dead movies look like a season of The Golden Girls. Similar to the Evil Dead franchise, Dead Alive has its tongue firmly in cheek; scenes of our hero Lionel wrestling with his mother’s zombified corpse, beating up a zombified baby, and mowing down dozens of zombies with a literal lawn mower are so outrageous that it’s impossible not to scream and laugh. Jackson is having a ton of fun here, and watching him cheerily throw all sense of good taste out the window (and then inject it with poison in hopes of killing it but oh god it’s only made it stronger!) is equally fun.

Again, get your tickets here. Our friends at Lakefront Brewery will have their coffee-flavored Fuel Cafe stout on tap for the occasion (“Rich and creamy, just the way I like it!”), and since the screening is close to Halloween, dressing up might be fun, too. See you at the party!

Alive & Fine presents Blood Thirsty Thursday @ The Vanguard
Oct 25 @ 7:00 pm

There will be a window display at Alive & Fine inspired by a secret horror movie. Guess the film at Alive & Fine from 5-7 and get a beer from 3 Sheeps Brewing! Film to screen at dusk on the patio at Vanguard.

Milwaukee Record presents ‘Idiocracy’ @ Avalon Theater
Nov 6 @ 7:00 pm
Milwaukee Record presents 'Idiocracy' @ Avalon Theater | Milwaukee | Wisconsin | United States

Could you ever envision a time in which an unqualified, temperamental President and his inept cabinet “lead” an advertising-laden nation, whose listless populace derives entertainment from watching people injure each other on television? Mike Judge certainly could, as evidenced in his 2006 cult comedy hit, Idiocracy. In the years since the film’s release, Idocracy went from being the writer and director’s exaggerated satirical view of what society might be like 500 years in the future to a hauntingly accurate portrayal of what life is like today. Sometimes the similarities between Idiocracy and reality are so close that you have to laugh, which is exactly what we’ll do when we screen the film on Election Night.

Join us at Avalon Theater on Tuesday, November 6 for an extra special Election Night screening of the underappreciated comedy-turned-documentary. The Judge-directed feature stars Luke Wilson as an “average American,” who wakes up in the year 2,505 as a result of a military experiment mishap. As he navigates his way through the dumb new world, he encounters a zany cast of characters and soon realizes he’s now the smartest man in the world. The film also features Maya Rudolph, Dax Shepard, Justin Long, Stephen Root, and an unforgettable performance by Terry Crews.

Tickets to the 7 p.m. screening cost $5. There’s also a $10 “Thirst Mutilator” package that includes a movie ticket, a Milwaukee Record flag sticker, and a pint of a limited “Brawndo” beer variant that Lakefront Brewery will make for the occasion. It’s got what plants crave! Whether you’re celebrating your preferred candidate’s victory or mourning society’s continued descent, you won’t want to miss this Election Night screening. And besides, you can always record Ow My Balls! to watch later.